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Curator, Facilitator 

Selection of Presentations and Papers


Black Lives Still Matter, Culture& and Museums Association, June 2021


Art and Decolonisation in the 2020s,Artfall University of the Arts London, March 2021


A Meeting Place, British Council, ICOM UK, Museums Association, January 2021


DecolonisingBritishart: de-centering, re-situating & reviewing artworks and collections, BritishArtist Network, University Arts London, Nov, 2020


Decolonisation and the Museum, Imagination Museum consortium, Oct 2020


Cultural essentialism and multiculturalism, (re)making national identities, Royal Anthropological Intuition Conference, Sept 2020

Where is my Past? Don’t Settle Launch event,Beatfreaks,ThinkTank, Feb 2019


Conflict Matters in Arts and Culture, Fameus, Antwerpen, Dec 2018

Curating Difference, Curating Differently. Goldsmiths College, University of London, November 2018

For all the things we should have said but we never said, Art History Undisciplined?Courtauld Institute of Art, 19 June 2018

Recorded Presentations and Discussions


R. Minott (2021) Decolonial Artmaking in the 2020s, Afterall Decolonial Artmaking in the 2020s | Afterall Art School


R. Minott (2021) From Jamaica to the UK, Searching for Cliff Tyrell an Artist in the Periphery, History Matters Vol 1. No. 3  

Rebecca Bridgman, Christo Kefalas, Helen Mears, Rachael Minott and Claire Wintle (2021) Skills and Opportunities in World Cultures Collections: The View from Late 2020, Journal of Museum Ethnographers, 34 

R. Minott, (2020) Head to Head: Masculine and Feminine Approaches to Decolonisation; Taino sculptures from the Caribbean, 100 histories of 100 worlds in one object 

R. Minott and J. Zetterstrom-Sharp (2020) Assuming Trust Without Earning It: the Limits of an Anti-Racist Position Without On-going Decolonial Practice, Journal of Museum Ethnographers, 33 

R. Minott (2019) Confronting Museum complicity in Imperial Celebration, Third Text 33:4-5 

R. Minott (2019) Avoiding the single story by creating a single story: simplification and erasure in representing diverse histories, Journal of Museum Ethnographers, 32 

S. Wajid and R. Minott, (2019) From Detoxing to Decolonising in Museum Activism, Routledge 


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